Watch now: Tucson’s ‘OnesAll Band’ is the focus of a new documentary film | The music

“OnesAll,” from documentary filmmaker Adam Santovac, will look into the lives and musical careers of the family members behind the popular Tucson band.

OnesAll Band was formed over ten years ago by Jordan Stafford and includes his parents John Stafford and Kathi McKay, brother Brock Lange and family friend Abel Salgado.

Santovac, who filmed the documentary in January, was introduced to the group two years ago when he temporarily moved in with Stafford and McKay while studying English at the University of Arizona as a college student. Fulbright International.

“It was a very moving and enriching experience. I stayed with them for almost six months in 2020, so I had the incredible opportunity to observe how they, as a family and a group, worked together as the world was collapsing because of the pandemic,” says Santovac.

According to the band, the name “OnesAll” represents the music’s ability to bring people together and the sense of unity they hope audiences feel at their concerts.

“I hope the audience will be inspired by OnesAll’s story. Inspired to create, to pursue your ideas and efforts, and not to give up,” Santovac said.

Santovac, who won an award for his previous documentary “super graduate“, hopes to finish the film later this year and hold a premiere in Tucson for OnesAll fans before releasing it online.

For a schedule of upcoming OnesAll Band performances, visit their website: