The Sundance Institute Awards awards grants to 18 documentary film projects

The Sundance Institute announced the latest round of beneficiaries of its Documentary Fund. Eighteen projects at different stages of development received a total of $590,000, funded by various institutional and individual donors. The grants do not come with any restrictions on use. Past films supported by the fund include Hale county this morning, tonight, hour, and Collective.

Supported projects include The language of waterabout an indigenous woman in Cambodia trying to rebuild her life after her home was destroyed by the construction of a dam; Therapy, on gay conversion therapy in Israel; and black mothersfollowing two black women fighting against police racism in the United States.

The Sundance Institute is also accepting applications for the next funding cycle until July 26.

The recently announced recipients are:

Projects in development:

The gardeners (WE)
Director: Crystal Kayiza
Producer: Crystal Kayiza

gross national happiness (Bhutan, Hungary)
Directors: Arun Bhattarai, Dorottia Zurbó
Producer: Noemi Veronika Szakonyi, Arun Bhattarai

The ship and the sea (Mozambique, Brazil, Portugal)
Directed by: Lara Sousa, Everlane Moraes
Producers: Matheus Mello, Emerson d’Almeida, Joelma Oliveira Gonzaga, Elsa Sertorio

The language of water (France, Cambodia)
Director: Polén Ly
Producers: Rithy Panh, Lucas Sénécaut, Thibaut Amri

under the dance floor (Hungary)
Director: Sára Timár
Producer: Krisztina Meggyes

In production:

Against a current (India)
Directors: Sarvnik Kaur
Producers: Sarvnik Kaur, Koval Bhatia

Do you love me (job title) (Lebanon, Germany)
Director: Lana Daher
Producer: Lana Daher, Jasper Mielke

Igualada (Colombia)
Director: Juan Mejia
Producer: Juan Yepes

Reverse Monitoring Project (WE)
Director: Assia Boundaoui
Producer: Nouha Boundaoui

get up at night (Democratic Republic of Congo, Belgium)
Director: Nelson Makengo
Producer: Rosa Spaliviero, Dada Kahindo Siku

Smoke Sauna Brotherhood (Estonia, France, Iceland)
Director: Anna Hints
Producer: Marianne Ostrat, Juliette Cazanave, Pierre Jestaz, Hlín Jóhannesdóttir

Therapy (Israel)
Director: Zvi Landsman
Producer: Ori Szternfeld, Zvi Landsman

Untitled (US, Canada)
Director: Sura Mallouh
Producer: Sura Mallouh, Laura Poitras, Yoni Golijov

In post production:

black mothers (WE)
Director: Debora Souza Silva
Producers: Debora Souza Silva, David Felix Sutcliffe

Hazing (WE)
Director: Byron Hurt
Producer: Natalie Bullock Brown

liquor store dreams (WE)
Director: So Yun Um
Producer: So Yun Um, Eddie Kim

silent beauty (United States, Mexico)
Director: Jasmine Mara Lopez
Producer: Jasmine Mara Lopez

Untitled documentary on the Muscogee Nation (Muscogee Nation, USA)
Directed by: Rebecca Landsberry-Baker, Joe Peeler
Producer: Conrad Beilharz, Garrett Baker, Tyler Graim