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Although delayed – much like the project itself – Pennywise: The Story Of It will get a Blu-ray release in the UK and the rest of the world, it has been confirmed.

Co-directed by John Campopiano and Christopher Griffithsthe film’s official social media channel said Blu-rays were still in the pipeline after the film made its streaming debut.

Pennywise: The Story Of It is an in-depth retrospective celebrating the film’s legacy and the legend Tim Curry. The line-up includes cast and crew such as Seth Green, Richard Thomas, Tim Reid, Richard Masur, Emily Perkins, Tommy Lee Wallace, Larry D. Cohen, Bart Mixon, Victoria Burrows, and more, as well as specialists in the work of Stephen King and even a professional clown. Tim Curry is also present.

The film explores what went into the making of the film, including casting, production, and practical effects. Cinedigm posted Pennywise: the story of met on TVOD platforms including Apple, Prime Video, Google and VUDU, as well as the horror streaming channel Screambox.

“From red balloons to yellow rain jackets, the groundbreaking miniseries pushed boundaries and still has a lasting impact on the genre to this day,” said Yolande Macias, Chief Content Officer at Cinedigm. “Even three decades after its release, This and child-eating clown Pennywise scares audiences of all ages. We’re thrilled to take horror fans on this terrifying journey to the not-so-sleepy city of Derry.

On Facebook, the filmmakers thanked the pledge support that helped fund the film through a crowdfunding campaign. “Without your support, the filming of the interviews in 2017 would not have been possible. Your contributions, large or small, funded the initial production stage, which was supported by direct funding from Cult Screenings UK Ltd. The total production cost of this documentary is $150,000.

“We celebrated the release of this project on our social media as we are extremely proud that it is finally complete with the support of Screambox. Without them, the post-production element could not have been completed.

“When the Blu-rays are available (which we are currently working on) and when distribution in the UK and rest of the world is complete, all outstanding rewards will be dispatched to backers. We know it’s frustrating, we know people are annoyed that streaming happened first, it was out of our control. Those who have signed up for a Blu-ray reward will be rewarded with their physical copy once they become available.

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