The Men Who Sold The World Cup (2×60): The documentary film on the FIFA World Cup scandal has been released on Discovery+

Discover+ released on October 21, 2021 the new documentary film about the FIFA World Cup scandal titled The Men Who Sold The World Cup (2×60). It is a film in two parts. It is directed by Daniel DiMauro and Morgan Pehme (Get Me Roger Stone, The Swamp) is the definitive and incredible story of how football’s greatest competition, the FIFA World Cup, was sold to the highest bidders . It is produced by award-winning producers named Story Films and Calliope Pictures.

The awarding of the World Cup to countries around the world is rumored to be plagued with bribery, corruption, global politics, backroom deals and greed. Everything comes to mind that this FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar – a desert nation with scorching summer temperatures, no world-class stadiums, a majority population indifferent to football… and a lot of money.

Exclusive interviews with those at the heart of the story, the documentary film revealed the truth behind the bizarre as fiction and how the world’s biggest sporting event was sold out by some of international football’s most senior officials and how they were eventually kicked out of their seats of power and luxurious lifestyles.

This documentary based on the FIFA World Cup scandal took center stage as the world’s attention turned to the tiny Arab state named Qatar and 500 million people prepared to watch the spectacle of the World Cup to take place.

This documentary contains unique testimonies that lifted the veil on a heartbreaking story. It also took viewers inside FIFA at the time of Sepp Blatter, the infamous ex-president who ruled world football for decades. It was a world where, for some, the normal rules did not apply and corruption and embezzlement were just part of the business.

This documentary features outrageous characters including American football bigwig Chuck Blazer and Qatari trader Mohamed Bin Hammam. This is a Shakespearean tale of money, power and corruption.

Contributors include a whistleblower from the Qatari bid team; Blatter’s former press chief, football greats including Jurgen Klinsmann and Landon Donovan… and Sepp Blatter himself.


The first episode of the film shows us Sunday Times investigators named Heidi Blake and Jonathan Calvert following up on their incredible investigation and scoop of the century which uncovered rampant corruption at the heart of FIFA. While the second episode shows us the investigation of the FBI and IRS respectively whose job it was to expose the criminal behavior at the heart of an organization with a structure they compared to The Mob.

The men who sold out the World Cup is now available and streaming exclusively on discovery+ from October 21, 2021.

The show was commissioned by Discovery’s Myriam Lopez-Otazu, Group VP Content & Acquisitions EMEA and APAC, Simon Downing SVP Marketing, Head of Factual & Sport, and Victoria Noble, VP Original Content, Factual. Story Films executive producers are David Nath and Peter Beard, and Discovery’s Jeremy Phillips.