Sheryl Crow’s New Documentary Film ‘Sheryl’ To Premiere On Showtime 5/6

‘Sheryl’ Preview, New Sheryl Crow Documentary From Amy Scott Premieres On Showtime 5/6

Sheryl is the title of a new documentary from director Amy Scott chronicling the life, career and influence of the singer-songwriter Sheryl Corbeau.

The doc had its official premiere last Friday, March 11, at SXSW and will debut on Showtime on Friday, May 6.

Here is the trailer:

And its synopsis, which definitely aims to capture the essence of Sheryl Crow’s versatile career, including all the ups and downs that have come with it:

SHERYL is told through current interviews with Crow, behind-the-scenes truth on the road and in her studio, never-before-seen archival footage spanning 20 years of touring, and interviews with close allies Keith Richards, Laura Dern, Joe Walsh, Emmylou Harris, Brandi Carlile and others. Crow’s early gift for music and her dedication to songwriting set her on an unabashed path to perfection – which ultimately became both a blessing and a curse to overcome.

SHERYL is produced by Brian Morrow and Jonathan Lynch for Shark Pig, Van Toffler for Gunpowder & Sky and Scooter Weintraub. Executive producers are Floris Bauer, Barry Barclay, David Gale and Vinnie Malhotra.

In addition to the documentary, a companion soundtrack album titledSheryl: Music for the Feature Documentary will also be released on May 6, promising some of his greatest hits, classics and new recordings.

Stay tuned for more on the documentary and its release!