Resident of Ridgefield, jazz musician David Watson shares his experiences, his talent in cinema, with a group

Ridgefield provided the answer. One day, Watson took his car downtown to Bob’s Auto Shop and “created this friendship” with shop owner Bob Ford, he said. Ford is not the kind of guy who calls himself “cat”.

“He’s a good old boy,” laughed Watson.

What they have in common, Watson said, is service to local veterans and others through the American Legion Resident Post of the Auto Shop, which Watson, a veteran, has joined.

Some of the members of the post “are from the real right, and some are as liberal as I am,” he said. “None of that matters. These guys are really genuine when it comes to service. I don’t like all the flags, but I love the service.

The new guy

Now that he’s over 80 and supposedly retired, Watson “works all the time,” he said gratefully. Watch for his gigs with Rebirthing the Cool, an 11-piece band, at Clyde’s Prime Rib Restaurant in Portland, ilani Resort and Casino in Clark County, and Christo’s Pizzeria and Lounge in Salem, Oregon. Rebirthing the Cool also has a concert scheduled for May 24 at Portland’s historic Old Church.

“I have this 11-member group with some of the best players in Portland – and here I’m just the new one,” Watson said. “For a guy my age, doing what I do is really something.”