Provine’s ‘Fearless 11’ Honored With New Documentary Film

JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – Civil and educational history comes as no surprise to Mississippi. Just 56 years ago, 11 brave black students made it their mission to attend Provine High School.

Ashley Gibson, director of the documentary “Fearless 11” and daughter of one of the 11 students integrated, said that after learning about the school experience of her father’s classmates, she was determined to tell their story.

The hour-long documentary chronicles days filled with anxiety, threats and humiliating acts as 11 high school students fought for integration.

“When I had the idea to make the film, I hadn’t realized that Provine was a white school. I always knew that Provine was a black school, so I was happy to tell their story so that ‘it will be preserved for generations to come,’ said Gibson.

“I have positive feelings about the other 10 students going through the onboarding process with me, but most of the time all the feelings about the experience itself are negative. Everything about Provine 1965 -66 is negative for me,” said Fearless 11 member Hazel McLaurin.

Ashley Jones said her next steps for the film are to enter festivals and possibly negotiate distribution.