Life and Art of Late Jazz Musician Roy Hargrove Explored in New Film ‘Hargrove’ at Tribeca Festival

Hargrove captures the artistry of a black jazz musician and his lasting impact on the music world.

For the first time, director Eliane Henri set out to tell the story of Roy Hargrove who was a legendary Black Jazz musician. He was best known for his musical sounds on the trumpet and his contributions to the jazz music genre. When filming for the documentary began in January 2018, Ms Henri’s aim for the project was to highlight Mr Hargrove’s story and honor his artistry. Unfortunately, Mr Hargrove will not be able to watch this play due to his sudden passing on November 2.n/a2018.

Hargrove recounts Mr. Hargrove’s last year on his last tour through Europe. The documentary includes live performances and interviews with Mr. Hargrove and other musicians who honor the artistry, life and legacy of the late musician.

From his teenage years, Mr. Hargrove was destined to have a lasting impact on music. The late musician was discovered by Wynton Marsalis, another well-known black musician after an unforgettable solo with his high school band. Mr. Hargrove would soon become a force to be reckoned with in the jazz community. However, his artistry was not exclusive to jazz; Mr. Hargrove has collaborated with other artists in various genres, including hip-hop and R&B.

To say his career had an impact would be an understatement. Throughout the documentary, musical icons talk about how simple interactions with the legend influenced their artistry. Musicians who have had the opportunity to work alongside Mr. Hargrove also speak of his dedication to his craft and his music.

Although Mr. Hargrove has passed away, his work and his legacy continue to keep his spirit alive. This documentary serves as a kind of final performance of Roy Hargrove not only to his fans, but also to his loved ones.