Jazz musician Rodney Green will open a concert hall in Teaneck

TEANECK, NJ – Rodney Green, who has been in the jazz scene full-time for more than 20 years and has performed with the genre’s biggest artists, such as Herbie Hancock and Charles Haden, is now launching a food, cocktail lounge and live music at 482 Cedar Lane in Teaneck.

Green had the idea to start his own venue, when he realized that by renting clubs to perform over the years, he would only earn a percentage of ticket sales, and no proceeds from the sale or service of food or alcohol.

He researched how to start and run his own venue, what qualifications he would need, and a year later here he is, with plans to build his own 2,400 square foot facility.

“Everything I’ve ever done, I’ve done on the ground floor,” Green told Patch, adding that while he had “growing pains” during the apprenticeship transition, he was focused on “doing it”.

Plans are underway to demolish the old building, which was previously occupied by Shelly’s, a kosher restaurant, to make way for the new venue, which is tentatively slated to open in the fall, and will host live music and offer a youth program. musical education.

Bergen County resident Green said he wants his venue to help create a “cultural hub” for Bergen County in Teaneck, which he said is a high-traffic area, even so many companies have left in recent years.

“I want the place to act as a cement in the community for those who will work with us,” he said.

What is most exciting for Green, and also frightening, however, is that for the first time he will have a more frontal position when the room opens, even though he has made a career out of working in behind the scenes.

“I reveled in my role behind the scenes,” Green said, “so it’s a bit uncomfortable for me. People now stop by my desk or honk at me when I’m walking down the street. I’m not used to it.”

Nonetheless, he’s looking forward to opening his own venue, spotlighting underrated jazz artists and supporting talented young musicians, he said.