Hager is a neuroscience advisor for a documentary film

April 28, 2022

Dr. Audrey Hager, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology, was recently interviewed and filmed for a documentary that will illustrate how traditional, therapeutic and contemporary arts can facilitate the prevention and healing of childhood trauma, abuse and neglect.

Hager provides his expertise in neuroscience to describe to viewers how trauma affects the brain and how neuroplasticity can promote and underpin the healing process.

The documentary, titled “Tradition, Trauma & Tenderness,” also features Native American tradition bearer William “Bill” Crouse of the Seneca Nation and Native American and health psychologist Dr. Darryl Tonemah.

Filming will continue throughout 2022 and conclude with a final shoot from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, July 30, featuring a Native American social dance circle with community members at Memorial Park in Dunkirk, New York. . “Community members are encouraged to attend and be part of this fantastic project,” Hager said.

The director and main artist of the project is Valérie Walawender. More information about the documentary can be found at: https://create-project.com/

In the photo: Dr. Audrey Hager, holding a brain model, is filmed by videographer Alex Simmon.