First photo of teenager who dismembered jazz musician before stabbing second man days later

A teenager who dismembered and buried the body of a vulnerable jazz musician before stabbing a second man to death days later has been named for the first time.

William Algar, 53, was found decapitated in his flat in Nowell Road, Barnes, on January 3, 2020, before his limbs were discovered buried in Hounslow Heath a few days later.

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His death was linked to the fatal stabbing of Ebrima Cham, 35, who was murdered in a flat in Hounslow on December 19, 2019.

Emeka Dawuda-Wodu, 19, was found guilty of murdering Ebrima and perverting the course of justice in relation to the disposal of William’s body following an 11-week trial in Old Bailey on May 28.

Reporting restrictions preventing the publication of his identity have now been lifted, allowing his photo to be made public for the first time.

William Algar, known to his family and friends as Blaise, was a talented musician

He was part of a “violent gang” that broke into a flat in Grove Road and stabbed Ebrima “repeatedly” before leaving him dead.

Simon Emmons, 40, and Zimele Dube, 33, were also convicted of her murder.

The court heard that Ebrima, who lived at various addresses in the Hounslow area, had developed a reputation as a thief from known drug dealers.

It is understood that one of these incidents led him to a confrontation with Dube, leading the trio to seek revenge.

A post-mortem examination revealed that he had been stabbed 11 times, including two in the head.

Ebrima Cham, known to many as Brim, was stabbed to death in a targeted attack in 2019

Detectives investigating the murder located CCTV of the car used by Dube, Emmons and Dawuda-Wodu.

As a result, the police were able to track them down and arrest the men.

William, meanwhile, a talented jazz musician, was killed in his own apartment following an argument over the supply of drugs.

The “vulnerable drug addict” was allegedly killed following a falling out with Dawuda-Wodu because William owed the gang money from a drug deal.

Zimele Dube, 33, and Simon Emmons, 40, were convicted of murder

His decomposing head and torso were found wrapped in sheets in his apartment, which was used by the gang to sell drugs, by two police officers after he was reported missing by his mother.

After William’s death, Dawuda-Wodu held a meeting with Emmons on December 16 at a “trap house” in Whitton, Richmond.

Early the next day, Emmons’ phone was used to research how to dissolve a body using acid, similar to the television series Breaking Bad.

Dawuda-Wodu, of no fixed address, was found not guilty of William’s murder at the same trial.

However, he was convicted of carrying his limbs in a holdall and burying them at Hounslow Heath, where they were later found by sniffer dogs on January 3 last year.

It is believed that William was stabbed to death on or around December 1, but no one has been convicted of his murder.

Jayano Lucima, 19, and Mark Harding, 45, were found guilty of perverting the course of justice

Emmons, of no fixed address, was also found guilty of perverting the course of justice with Janayo Lucima, 19, of Hounslow and Mark Harding, 45, of The Drive, Isleworth.

The five men will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on Tuesday August 17.