Documentary film reveals the plight of a homeless cat

The feature documentary, “Crazy Cat Lady,” will be released on digital streaming platforms on June 21, 2022 via Random Media. movie stars Battlestar Galactica and Lucifer actor Tricia Helfer with renowned animal rights activist and philanthropist, Ady Gil, and FixNation Organization co-founder and director Karn Myers. Also featured are extraordinary citizen volunteers, Jacquie Navratil, Esmeralda Alvarez, Drew Weidhaas and Donna Simms.

The film delves into the estimated 3,000,000 abandoned and underreported homeless feral cats in Greater Los Angeles and the challenges of a thirteen-year legal injunction (cease action) that was eventually lifted in 2021 to unveil the opacity and inaction. “Crazy Cat Lady” (CCL) documents what happens when the nation’s second largest city, Los Angeles, was unable to support or fund TNR (trap/neuter/return) programs. As a result, the monumental task of mitigating this crisis has been in the hands of citizen volunteer trappers, foster families and rescuers. These ironically named “crazy cat people” are generously donating their time, money, and effort to help solve this ever-growing problem.

The film was a phenomenal success on the festival circuit, winning dozens of accolades and awards such as Best American Documentary at Oaks International Film Festival 2022, Best Documentary at Golden Gate International Film Festival 2021.

US director and producer, Garrett Clancy, “You don’t have to be a cat or animal fanatic to witness the injustice, neglect and greed that surrounds our communities.” Clancy further states, “This problem is meant to be dealt with and managed by our policy makers – using our tax dollars – instead, it has been imposed on ordinary citizens to solve it, or should I say extraordinary citizens.”

Movie details
Streaming Channels: Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox, VUDU
Cable/Satellite Channels: iN Demand, Verizon
Distribution Co: random media
Producer and Director, Garrett Clancy
Executive Producer, Tricia Helfer
Producer, Amanda Marie Harrison
Editor-in-Chief, Sarah Brockhoff