DCTV Cinema for Documentary Film Opens in Chinatown’s Historic Firehouse Building

A new home for documentary cinema will open in a historic building in Chinatown this weekend.

Firehouse will be the Downtown Community Television Center’s (DCTV) documentary film theater. The 67-seat theater will showcase first-run films, staged shows and repertoire works. It offers 4K projection, 7.1 surround sound, interactive features to connect audiences around the world, concessions and an adjoining event space.

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Firehouse will be “a documentary cinema where filmmakers and moviegoers can come together to enjoy non-fiction films,” DCTV said in a press release. In addition to screening films, the theater will offer masterclasses, family programs and special events.

Founded in 1972, DCTV has become one of the nation’s leading centers for documentary production and film education. A community of and for documentary filmmakers, DCTV is a unique space where screenings, discussions, youth media, continuing education programs and film resources coexist alongside award-winning productions.

Photography: Courtesy of Firehouse Cinema

Here is the program of the opening show

  • The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales
    Opening on Friday, September 23
    This personal essay feature documentary tackles the deep crisis of inequality in the United States.
  • I didn’t see you there
    Opening on Friday, September 30
    As a person with a visible disability, the filmmaker set out to make a film about his way of seeing the world, from his wheelchair or his two feet, without having to be seen himself.
  • Brainwashing: Sex-Camera-Power
    Opening Thursday, October 20
    Using excerpts from hundreds of well-known films, this independent filmmaker explores the sexual politics of filmmaking.
  • better together
    Ongoing series starting Thursday, October 6
    This series of short documentaries features everything from collaboratively produced news to collections of works by singular artists.
  • Special events and Q&As with the filmmakers are also on the program.