American filmmakers gather for a documentary film event | Way of life

The eighth edition of the Latinoamérica en Nosotrxs documentary film screening event will be held in Puerto Rico for three days of films, discussions and presentations.

The program runs from May 5-7 and will take place at the Archivo General de Puerto Rico. After two years of anticipation and delay caused by the pandemic, the show returns in person and is expected to attract enthusiastic audiences.

“In its eighth edition, the show continues to be an important platform for local filmmakers to showcase themselves and share their projects. That’s why coming back in person was vital. [These] are three evenings where the public is invited to [get to know] and enjoy documentary films made in Latin America and Puerto Rico,” said Raúl Abner Samrah, general coordinator of the event.

This year, Latinoamérica en Nosotrxs is dedicated to Eduardo Aguiar, the illustrious Puerto Rican documentary filmmaker. For nearly 30 years, Aguiar has produced and directed films and videos in various genres such as theater, advertising and music, although he works primarily in documentary filmmaking.

On Thursday, May 5, the event will open with a screening of “Retrospective: A Tribute to Eduardo Aguiar”.

Filmmakers in the Latin American space

The exhibition serves as a space to screen and disseminate the work of colleagues from all parts of Latin America, as well as those of the Association of Documentary Artists of Puerto Rico (AdocPR). Environmental justice and the concept of community are widely present in this eighth edition of the event.

General Archives of Puerto Rico

“The 8th Show of Latin American Documentary Films in Nosotrxs, becomes the voice of communities marginalized by corruption and social inequalities, giving the opportunity to tell the conditions in which we live today, where the threats of climate change, high energy costs, the pandemic, corruption, gentrification, femicides and hate crimes are constantly on the agenda,” said Rhett Lee García Figueroa, President of AdocPR.

The space, which promotes documentary cinema in all its forms, has presented to the public 57 Puerto Rican and Latin American documentaries during its years of action. This year’s event will feature feature films – including those from Mexico, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina – and short documentaries from Puerto Rican filmmakers selected through the annual call.

“The programming of these national and Latin American films tells the story of where our reality goes beyond fiction. We, as Puerto Ricans, Latin Americans and citizens of the world, must open the discussion and educate present and future generations about what happened in our time in history,” Figueroa emphasized.

The event is free and open to the public, in person and online. AdocPR, with support from the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP), Sundance Institute, National Endowment for the Humanities, Puerto Rican Foundation for the Humanities, and Óptica Fiber provided funding and support for this celebratory event.