Aerial Documentary Film Festival 2022, Sydney


There’s no such thing as a true story, whether it’s a wild, chaotic tale so weird it can only be true or an informative, revelatory thread. It’s the cinematic bread and butter of the Antenna Documentary Film Festival, with the Sydney-based event rolling out a new lineup of factual films for ten festivals now – and it’s celebrating the milestone with an impressive 2022 programme.

When the festival returns from Wednesday February 2 to Sunday February 13 – with Dendy Newtown, Palace Chauvel, Palace Verona, MCA Australia and Powerhouse Museum – it will do so with a lineup of 50 features and shorts, as well as an all-day chat. industry day on the medium. The big highlight is of course all these feature docos, including the 13 films in the festival’s official competition.

Among the titles vying for the event’s $10,000 prize, Charm Circle serves as a portrait of an eccentric New York family sailing and has been compared to gray gardens — and also opens the festival. As for other competitors, it is joined by local efforts The lake of scarsheading towards the Victoria region; Courage, which explores the protests against the 2020 Belarusian presidential election; and The bubblewho ventures into a Florida retirement home with 155,000 retirees, 54 golf courses and 70 swimming pools.

Or, elsewhere throughout the program, Shredded delves into the career of Alanis Morissette; The real Charlie Chaplin uses audio recordings, reconstructions and personal archival documents to trace Charlie Chaplin’s Hollywood stardom; Transistor Sisters celebrates pioneering women in the electronic music scene; and The most beautiful boy in the world unfolds the story of Death in Venice actor Björn Andrésen, who earned this nickname at the age of 15. Yes, it’s been a great year for docos on the entertainment industry.

Plus, you can see the Sundance award winner All the light, everywherewhich examines the shared stories of cameras, guns, police and justice; The concert is over, which questions the gig economy; and the Cannes prize A night without knowing anythingwhich contemplates university student life in India.