‘A Jump Into The Void’ (new documentary film with Martin Speake – screening/Q&A, 13 November, EFG LJF, Sands Films Studio) – London Jazz News

A new documentary film about Martin Speake’s February 2020 tour starring Ethan Iverson, Calum Gourlay and Jeff Willams/Jorge Rossy will premiere this Saturday, November 13 at Sands Films Studio (details and booking link below). Preview by Charles Rees:

Sequel to his album Intention (Ubuntu, 2018), A leap into the void (38 minutes) documents a visit that Martin Speaks produced with his international quartet (with Ethan Iverson, Calum Gourlay, Jorge Rossy and Jeff Williams) over 17 days at sites in England in February 2020.

Speake brought in an independent filmmaker Emile Burgoyne, who traveled with the group for 10 days, on board to film and edit the documentary. The two worked together for nearly a decade on promotional videos, culminating in this project. As Martin Speake observed when I spoke to him: ‘Emile is a keen observer; it captures everyone as they are.

With green room conversations and interviews with band members, A leap into the void presents a fascinating insight into what goes on behind the scenes of a tour. With moments ranging from tense backstage debates to friendly conversations over dinner, the film shows the highs and lows, not only the elation but also the daily demands of the tour.

Interspersed with exclusive concert footage, with wonderful versions of Speake’s tunes, some of which date back to projects he led in the late 90s. As Jorge Rossy says at one point in the film: “It’s one of the most magical things in music; you can start playing with someone and if there is a certain level of affinity, you immediately feel at home. It gets very intimate…’

The first screenings will take place at the Sands Films Studio in Rotherhithe. After the screenings (at 3 and 6 p.m.), viewers will be treated to a Q&A with Speake and Burgoyne, followed by a set of live music from Speake’s trio with Calum Gourlay and Jeff Williams. Tickets are free (donations optional) but reservation is required.

ADDRESS: Sands Films Studio: 82 Saint Marychurch St, London SE16 4HZ

RESERVATION LINK: Eventbrite (3 p.m., scroll down for 6 p.m.)